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Exotic Car Rental Miami

Welcome back to another website review.  Only a few weeks ago we went over another business site and got some interesting feedback from the company that owns it – basically, their main question was “Is it that bad?” – so I will use this opportunity to reiterate what we are doing here: checking random sites that we happen to come across in our daily activities, with a focus on usability, conversion effectiveness and SEO. These are personal reviews and not meant as exclusive checklists that webmasters should waste sleep over trying to fix. I simply happen to have an opinion about their sites, like it or not. So, without delay, today we look at

Online Exotic Rentals in Miami

The topic in itself makes one think of the latest and flashiest web technologies running behind the Prestige Luxury Rentals (Miami) website. But we would be wrong – site’s a static collection of pages put together with ’90s dust bunnies collecting in the corners, with a WordPress-based blog in a subfolder but looking more like an afterthought.

None of the pages is responsive, apparently – nor do they look good on a mobile phone. The typical customer profile comes to mind (Apple fanbois if only for social endorsement), so not being able to interact with the prestige luxury rentals provider from an iOS or Android device is very disappointing.

Is It Easy To Rent An Exotic Car?

Apparently this question is not on the minds of the business owners – while the “ask for a quote” CTAs are all over the place (good), the form page they take visitors to resembles something you’d expect from a public service site put together by an underpaid contractor with only one charter: “Make them bug off!”. Where should I start? Counting the fields one has to fill in? Not keeping the shinny car you’re inquiring about under your eyes as a reminder why you go on with the charade? Giving you little options to play around with the rental dates? Place your bets, I am so scared I will let it be for now.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Exotic Car?

This is the crucial question to me and probably on everybody else’s minds. Is it $$$ or $$$$? How about insurance, gas, pickup and return process? I mean, is this the same as getting a rusty Toyota from the airport Avis, or does it come with a similarly exotic service?

None of these questions gets answered on the website. You can find out more on the PrestigeLuxuryRentals Facebook page and in all fairness, they answer and post on Facebook quite often. There is a listing on Google Places, but no prices there either. If I were to guess, I’d say lots of leads lost by not having the slightest idea of the rentals price on the website – maybe adding a starting point (“… from as low as $$$”) would help.

Exotic Car Rentals Customer Reviews

Well, if they are there, I could not find them – and in this business I think you cannot prosper if you’re not putting your customers upfront there with your flashiest cars. I am no suggesting Yelp or Google reviews are worth anything, not with companies suing their reviewers for bad comments or competitors leaving bad reviews to hurt the opposition. But maybe there is still room to get some nice video testimonials of your real, actual customers stepping down from their exotic rentals and willing to say a few kind words about the service they received.

Exotic Car Rentals Services In Google Search

Surprisingly, Prestige Luxury Rentals fairs well in organic search for high value terms like “exotic car rentals in Miami” or “prestige luxury rentals in Miami”. This is probably a testimony to their longstanding online presence and wealth of backlinks from authority sites. Long term, the prospects are not as good with Google putting more and more accent on things like fresh content, micro-content and authoring – but we might come back to this site in the future and see how it ranks in 2013.

Readers’ Corner: Did you find this review interesting? Have you been looking for exotic car rentals in Miami and had a different online experience? I’d love to hear from you – leave a comment below or submit your own reviews for publishing on MediaShared.org. And yes – I wish you all Happy Holidays and all the best!



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